Not all server listed on server list

i have 7 servers on my mineos host but in the last days i only see 3 of them in the server list.
I do not know where to start looking …


Share that with us. Also, are all 7 servers owned by the same user?

all 7 servers owned by me :slight_smile:

here is the mineos.log :

If possible, stop all the servers. Then, restart the webui (preferably from the command line).

supervisorctl restart mineos (if you used supervisor)

Then, log into the webui and see if they are all listed. After that, start each server in succession (perhaps with like 30 seconds or so of runtime before the next). If you have any of the servers set to start at boot, uncheck this actually before all these steps.

After starting up each server and giving it sufficient time to be started up, log out of the webui (close the browser) and re-log in. Do all 7 servers show up?

My guess is one or more of them is going to be causing issue for several others. Perhaps the first server it runs across this issue and then all servers beyond it no longer appear; my bets are on Omegaland. Then we can find out what about Omegaland’s files are causing havoc.

{"level":"info","message":"[Omegaland] received request \"start\"","timestamp":"2015-10-08T18:23:25.028Z"}
{"date":"Thu Oct 08 2015 11:24:38 GMT-0700 (PDT)"

In other words, when Omegaland finally starts up (which is about 50 seconds), it is maybe cycling the log files or something while they’re open? This issue (if its the case) has been around for a while and I want to fix it if I can reproduce it on my own machine (then code to fix it). Let me know what you find out.

idont have Omegaland in my log…