Not able to burn ISO to a usb drive

So I have played around with mineos turnkey in virtualbox love it works fine. When I go to burn the iso to my flash drive to install it to my server it wont boot. I notice when I plug the usb drive back in windows wont show how much storage it has. So I try several iso burning programs and several usb drives but to no avail. (other linux distros will write fine) I tried following other linux issue guides but nothing will fix it. Even formatting it before writing it. Now after using unetbootin it shows the files on it but it still will not boot in several pcs. I am lost on what to do and need help soon.

Have you told the BIOS in those machines to boot from USB? Not all of them do that by default

Yea I doubled checked and even tried the same usb just a different version of linux. I got it solved by burning the iso to a DVD-RW and booting from that. I tried disabling secure boot and setting the bios to legacy but apparently something about the usb it did not like. Thanks for the response anyways. Really liking mineos so far.