Noob trying to Create an RLCraft server

Hey all I’m very new and VERY green with this type of community. I’ve successfully made a vanilla server after many many tries and a friend of mine would like to play a RLCraft server together so that is my next project. I am wondering if anyone has any Noob friendly advice on how to get started with this. I’ve tried to find this topic on the forum but only found RLCraft mentioned a little in some of the comments. I am willing to learn and to put in the effort. I just don’t know a good starting point for a FreeNas user would be.
I’ve started to read up on your Linux starter guides and have watched a few how to videos with putty and filezilla
So far I have forge 1.12.2 installer uploaded and am kinda wondering where I go from here with mod importing

I haven’t done a lot of modding, but what I’ve learned, is that mods should reside in the server’s …/datapack directory.

so… heres an update i created an RLCraft server on my desktop and tried to dump the files into my mineos /var/games/servers/ file and it broke my plugin it think it was because it had a start.bat file in it

the server i created was based on this video