Noob Issue: HDD Management Help/Questions

Hey folks. while I’m not exactly a noob, I’m still learning quite a bit. I’ve had a minecraft server running since mid-august, and up until this point, it’s been rock solid, and lots of fun.

Unfortunately the other day my players reported their inventory doesn’t update when they log off, nor does their location. They always spawn at the same location with the same inventory, which unfortunately means duplication of whatever they have in their inventory is really easy, as chests update, but playerdata doesn’t.

After doing updates on the Web UI (which is EXTREMELY SLUGGISH if it ever loads at all.) and Minecraft/Plugins, it went away for two days. Probably because I removed a few files that were no longer necessary.

I’ve determined this might have something to do with the fact that my HDD is nearly full. Webmin reports usage at 91%. My question I suppose is: Where is the majority of the data stored? The webui doesn’t seem to be reporting any backups, even though it was set to make them LONG ago. I’d like to start dumping old data if possible… I just don’t know how or where to find it…

I attempted to use the File Manager built into Webmin, but apparently none of my browsers support Java, so it doesn’t start. (I KNOW IE11 does… so I’m not sure what’s up there. I even have the IP added to the excepted sites list in Java config.) Is there a file manager I can use from my windows machine to remotely manage my Linux box? I’ve so far been stumbling around in the terminal, banging my head on low-hanging files.

Other helpful information might be how to connect, Mount, and designate an external HDD for backup/storage.

Do you have Archiving active?
This creates a new archive of your server(s) and all files assosiated each time a new archive is produced. Look in /var/games/minecraft/archives/. there you will find folders for each server containing the spesific servers archives. Delete the older ones of the files unless you need to roll back very far.

As for adding drive space:
Adding an USB HDD:

You can also mount a NAS:

Or add a windows share:
(Be adviced, CIFS have a problem with how the archive filenames are constructed. It do not like “:” in the names, so you’ll also have to edit a mineos-file to be able to use cifs/samba: Mount NFS share for archive/backup)

After this you need to do tow things: move all the files you want stored elsewhere to the new mount, and symlink the new position to where the old one was (or MineOS won’t be able to use it).

Also don’t forget minecraft will grow and grow in data size the more chucked loaded for the first time, and more you build in a world the bigger the file becomes our game worlds become a few gig in matter of days.

Also try using filezilla I am not sure how you ssh in to the right folders to cut things down but its what I used last time to manage the files.

Yep. With about 8 active players I’m sitting at about 25GB of server space. I just figured out that the 2nd HDD in my server DOES actually work, so I’m attempting to set up a symlink to it as a backup/archive-only drive… but I’m not quite sure that it’s working.