Non Minecraft Screen sessions killed

I have screen sessions running on my mineos server that are in no way related to mineos or minecraft, These sessions should not be cleaned up by the mineos cron jobs, but, for some reason, they are… I request some change that will prevent mineos from cleaning up screen sessions that don’t belong to it…

Do you have a repro case? (instructions for which one can consistently reproduce this behavior?)

Because I’m hesitant to believe that MineOS is closing those screens. Take a look at the “cron job” equivalent code here:

As you can see, there are no deliberate screen-closing actions. The only actions capable of closing the screen are by sending the words “stop” to a minecraft server, wherein the command is interpreted as a request to close the game, then closes itself.

Your other, unrelated screens would have to have the following behaviors in order to be closed by MineOS:

  1. screen must be named “mc-something
  2. “something” must be a name of a server that exists, but is not running
  3. the command that started your unrelated screens must match this regex: ‘SCREEN.?mc-([\w._]+).?-jar ([\w._/]+)\1’
  4. the server closes itself when it receives the text “stop” OR it just outright crashes when it receives “stop”/“save-off”/“save-on”

Unless all of these match, I don’t think MineOS is closing your screen processes.

I’m still watching to see when they get closed down, and see if I can figure out why. I just know that 2 days in a row, they were both closed when I went to access them, and the programs running in them didn’t produce a crash log, so, it wasn’t them crashing. They are also running under a different user than the default mc user.

OK, so, 4 days later and the screens are still up, so, it seems I was a bit too hasty in blaming whatever happened on mineos… This can be closed or whatever.