Node always uses 100% CPU evn on an idle server

I am seeing constant 100% cpu in node webui.js even when no servers are running. I’m using Turnkey Linux. This is causing the webui to be non-responsive to the point of unusable (5000ms latency, for instance).

I’m running x86_64 Turnkey Linux, in VMWare ESXi with 32 GB and 8vCPUs assigned. I’m running git commit: 59d1e76

In this example, node is using 98.3% of the CPU. The lowest I’ve seen it is 78% and the highest is 123%. As soon as it hits 100% the webui becomes unresponsive.

root 11756 98.3 3.2 1865024 1088088 ? Rl 21:31 3:01 /usr/bin/node webui.js

Secondly, the node PID is changing about every 10-20 minutes, even when idle. I’ve verified that the offending process is always node webui.js

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Do you have suggestions where I can dig up more information, which log files to look at, or something? I’m sort of stumped.


Thanks for your super fast response and for the help! I had already read that article, and I am not using dynmap, so I questioned it’s relevance. After removing files (by deleting servers), this does lower the cpu a great deal. I was able to reduce the total number of files in the minecraft directory, from 60k to 14k.
It does bring up the question of how can I workaround or mitigate this issue. It seems the mitigating factors listed in that article (moving to mysql or sqllite), are only appropriate for dynmap. Do you know of any other workarounds for the short term?

Thanks sincerely for the help!

What were the 46k files you were able to reduce?

If you’re looking for an alternative to dynmap I recommend JourneyMap which does most of the work client-side. It also has the ability to run server map browser for the map client-side.