No way to use tellraw command in webui because of the quotes

I found out that if you want to use the tellraw command in de console trough the webui, it is not possible to use the tellraw command because of its quotes. even if you try to use a \ on the quotes it gives a wierd output, for example (what I tried)

tellraw giop {\"text\":\"test\"}


[15:39:04] [Server thread/INFO]: Invalid chat component: Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 4 path $.
[15:39:04] [Server thread/INFO]: ...lraw giop {	ext\:	est\}<--[HERE]

I’m pretty sure this is a bug, if it isn’t and I’m just an idiot, could somebody explain what is happening?

Quoting through the webui is iffy at best, because MineOS relies on a fairly unsophisticated mechanism called screen for keyboard injection. screen works wonderfully for its main purpose–which is to create independent processes that mean Minecraft servers can operate separately from the webui if, say, the webui were to crash.

So either the design of any Minecraft webui would either have to choose between:

  1. imperfect integration and err-on-the-side-of-caution-levels of escaping of text sent to servers
  2. dependency for the webui to remain in perfect operation, forever, to ensure its child processes (mc servers) are not impacted by webui crashes

Some webuis choose the former, some the latter. As the sole dev of MineOS, I knew working with Java servers, third party servers, third party plugins–all had great capability to interfere with the webui, so I chose #1.

Long story short, this can be considered a bug, but a bug I was able to live with. The ways you could do such commands are therefore limited to:

  1. connecting to server, send direct to console
  2. attach your terminal to the hidden game console with a command as mc like: screen -r mc-myservername
  3. see if the screen -X command can be finessed in a way I just never learned.
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