No runnable JAR for modded server

Whenever I try installing Forge through the Web UI only the installation JAR shows as available under “Runnable Jar” drop-down.

The forge version is forge-1.19.2-43.1.47 Minecraft version is 1.19.2

Java Version 17 is installed.

Outside of this I’ve also tried getting the server up and running on my Windows machine first and then importing the files for a new server. Then no JAR shows up at all. Copying over the “Universal.jar” file to the main server folder after doing that doesn’t appear to change anything either. The server just never boots.

If there’s any logs or anything you guys need please let me know. Sorry I’m pretty new to this so I’m not sure what all would be useful.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

I had skimmed through that once already but this time I actually took my time reading through everything and realized the amount of ram I had allocated needed to be adjusted.

Thanks a bunch!