No outside connections. (port-forwarding help)

Hi every one, I’m kinda in a bind and I haven’t be able to find a solution any where.

I have MineOS set up on its own machine, connected to an arris Motorola surfboard.
The server says that the ip to connect is
I forwarded the port 25565 as per instructions from
Portforward’s network utilities says the port is open
I can connect locally. says that the host is up but the port is filtered,
I called my ISP and they said they are not filtering any ports
I check the router and it isn’t filtering any ports
MineOS doesn’t filter that port

I am completely lost

If you need more information from me just ask and i will provide, this was all the most relevant i could come up with.
I figured it out, I was not using my external IP.

Yep, you beat me to it!