No options to select when trying to change runnable jar

Server wont start due to there being now options under Change runnable jar to

I have set to the jar file under the Additional Jar arguments line, verified in the CLI as well

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Any help? I have hit the Copy profile to live server files and that seems to have worked as there are the files under servers directory. I feel like I am missing something obvious…bangs head against wall

Thanks in advanced everyone

Anything in /var/log/mineos.log?

Have you restarted the webui (or your host) at any point? Has your webui been updated since installed?

Logs stating I need to poing it to the correct jar, did look at that. And this is a fresh install of MineOS as well as the modpack so its all clean. I have restarted a few times and such as well

Can you share that log?

Also, can you confirm the existence of .jar (not just files that came with the modpack) files in the server’s live directory?