No non-root users

I have just installed MineOS and want to get it working. When I installed it, it didn’t ask for the Web-UI login shown in the tutorial, and when I log onto web-ui with the root user, there are no profiles. How do I get a non-root username to access web-ui?

The no profiles thing is a separate issue, unrelated to what user you are using. This thread is discussing it No profiles available.

To create a non-root user for use in the web-ui depends on what version of linux you are running. I am running ubuntu and I created a user named mc by entering the following command into the command line.

 adduser mc

This will start the user creation process for the user “mc”. During this process it will ask you for a password.

Do you know which version of linux you are using?

Thanks! that command worked great. Although now my computer doesn’t want to load with Web-UI. A problem for another thread though. Again thanks a lot!