No access to WebUI user level after server move.

I use a MineOS on a DietPI server.
The old DietPi was too slow, so I ported MineOS to a new machine.

The MineOS server started automatically after overwriting the existing new installation.
However, since then I can no longer access the WebUI.

Even a new creation of a user is not accepted.

I still have the original DietPi server … Is it possible that I forgot to copy the user data?
I am a Linux beginner and don’t know if I forgot to copy a folder.

Where are the HASH of the user data from the last installation?

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Preferred route to handle this:

  1. create an archive of your server on your old dietpi
  2. install a brand new installation of MineOS with nothing coming from the old machine
  3. copy over the one file, the archive created from step 1 into /var/games/minecraft/import
  4. import the archive using the webui functionality.

I would venture to say there is no value to copying over any data from the old server except the server archive.