Newly installed mineOS on my ubuntu, but can't accessit

I went through all of the instructions to install mineOS onto an existing ubuntu server install here: .

But when I try to connect to the mineOS console on port 8080, I get nothing. Any ideas?

You type HTTPS://yourserver:8080

I’ve been doing that, but it simply does not connect. I don’t think it’s a networking issue because the server pings google just fine. the service mineos seems to be running

Paste out put of netstat -a

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Hi Jacob,

Good question form ElPres,
Just to be sure, we are all talking about the same thing here, from what application are you trying to open a connection to your server on port 8080?

Can you access your server on other ports?
Like for example port 22: SSH?

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If there are not Mineos 8080 port ,what should I do?

did you install this onto a vm on your local machine? a seperate machine on your network? on a cloud server?