NEWBIE mine os forge server not starting

so I have MineOS running ina vm in Proxmox I imported a server modpack using filezila and i have the right forge version downloaded but every time I start the server it crashes after 5 seconds.

am i supposed to copy that argument?

no, you need to get your own from the…

sorry but like i said im a newbie how am i supposed to get my own?

You’ll have to do a little research yourself but the steps are pretty much as follows.
ssh to your server, use the command line to navigate to your server directory, open the and copy the similar part of the line to the location I said.

If you’re using 1.18.1 you could try my line but no guarantees.

It’s unfortunate that the newer forge versions changed from a jar.

lol no one said this in the other thread when i gave my massive spiel about the jar file i have never played mc past 1.12 even though i have been playing this on and off since it came out. I was not aware that the newest mc versions use a different format all together instead of the jar file.

Hence why i was like wtf jar file this and jar file that and it should work etc lol.

It sort of still exists but it’s not the main entry point.

so I figured out how to update the jar file and my server was working perfectly for a day but now i cant access the web UI (i can ping it from windows shell)

Try restart the server?