New MineOS forums

Welcome to the new Discourse Forums for the MineOS Community!

I’m Will, also known as hexparrot, the creator and maintainer of MineOS. I hope this site will serve as a new, exciting, and effective way of exchanging information on how to use MineOS, provide feedback, make requests, and otherwise discuss Minecraft.

I anticipate that this Discourse format may be strange and unfamiliar to most (we’re all in the same boat), but over my time on the Discourse sandbox, I’ve found it intuitive, useful and pretty.

With Google oauth2 login, Github, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s reach is even more vast and I hope sharing information occurs even more smoothly than Google Groups.

Please feel free to drop a line here (if regarding the migration) and any new topics (if regarding MineOS)!

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But one particular thing I hope that discourse can facilitate that Google groups does not–is to have roles beyond “ultimate moderator” (me) and user.

Ideally, this can mean that other users can be granted privileges and permissions that can help make MineOS more organically grow, rather than always feeling rather dependent on my own presence. Send me a line if you think you are interested and have shown a history of being involved and we can talk about it!

Anything that responsibly offloads any Managerial task off of you so that you can spend more creative time will be a boon for the project. Let me know if I can be of help.