New Java dropdown idea

What do you all think of this format?



  • minimal amount of layout reworking/balancing of panel sizes
  • makes it very clear to the user which java is in use, zero question


  • cartesian product means entry count = [java versions] * [any jarfiles in directory]

Appreciate your input, even complete overhauls. Whatever we think is best for the usability–


I like it :slight_smile:
It is more or less what I had in mind

I don’t see the “con” being that much of an issue, if it only means we need to pay attention to the file name.

Ditto. Looks good without a real downside, unless you hoard JARs

Why not add a completing globbing filter alongside.
Therefore if one typed 18, the user would be presented for all jars of type prior selected which would match 18. This would increase usability.

Looks good. It’s basically what we need.