New hosting provider!

As of today, all MineOS-related websites, including this forum, the wiki, and related services are all on Digital Ocean servers, completing my migration away from Amazon EC2.

Regarding the performance and usability of EC2, I have this to say about my experience.

  • Amazon EC2 and micro.t1 is hugely insufficient for a MediaWiki
  • Amazon EC2 is way too expensive

I moved my servers to digital ocean, which one day in I’m already infinitely more pleased. The t1.micro that I used from the Amazon free tier has a connection limit like 5 concurrent or something pathetically slow, but I had learned to be content with–because it was free.

Once my free tier ended, this August, my estimated price for monthly hosting was about $15. This is $14.64 dollars with the continued low connection count, 600mb of RAM and inability to upsize to a modern generation instance, such as t2.micro ($9.52) or t2.small ($19.04). This basically meant that I could continue to pay for a weak instance (t1.micro more expensive than the stronger t2.micro) or I could manually move my content.

As it turns out, because of my desire to deploy a Discourse forum, the minimum memory required is 1GB, ensuring at least a $9.52 bill or a more and an over-extended server. A t2.small would’ve given me 2GB, but still only 1CPU and limited connection capacity.

In the end, 2GB of RAM, 2 CPUs and 40GB of SSD came out to $20.00 even, which despite being more expensive than even t2.small no longer limits me to a potential of 20% of a CPU along with the other slowness I’ve experienced on Mediawiki. In addition, I can now choose to in-source my MineOS ISO hosting which previously cost me more than $10 a month on Amazon S3 (so I brought it to Dropbox).

Ultimately, I’m getting a stronger VPS @ $20.00 than I could with t2.small with Dropbox. I’m pretty pleased.

Have you heard of lowendbox(.com?)
I got a really low powered Linux vps for $5/year and a decent windows one for about $7/m. You may find a better deal.

I haven’t heard of lowendbox, but for the most part, I was deliberately aiming away from budget hosting. While budget hosting is great for many projects I’ve worked on individually, typically doing anything beyond just hosting is rather limited. For example, I’m setting up the MineOS Turnkey buildbox on the server, which is CPU and I/O intensive, but something I couldn’t do with sufficient speed and memory on budget VPS.

This forum actually is going to be the largest resource hog, requiring at minimum 1gb–and my WikiMedia would assuredly need more atop that. Also…

Hehe, you’re on a MineOS site–you’ll never hear me concede Windows hosting could ever be decent ;). I have seen once budget FreeBSD hosting though!