New debian 8.3 build; You do not have rights on /profiles/profile.config

I normally build MineOS using a turnkey system but I decided to build a server (for the learning experience) using the debian guide.

Everything worked well enough, all the commands and I created a user called “mc”

When I attempt to create a new profile, I receive this error; and I am not certain if this is by design or some step I am missing.

User ‘mc’ does not have permissions on /var/games/minecraft/profiles/profile.config

I obviously know what the issue is, but I am curious to know if I need to create the profile with root first, THEN build the server using the unprivileged user.

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

Whichever user owns this file is the user allowed to download profiles. So:

  1. with no further changes, only the current owner root:root can download profiles.
  2. with one change, chown mc:mc profile.config, mc:mc can download profiles.

So you are by no means required to do anything as root in the webui, provided you change ownership of the file to a user/group of your choice, a la step #2.

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