Need Help with phpMyAdmin installation

Greeting Deer Reader!
I’ve decided to post on here because I’m having an issue with installing PhpMyAdmin. Yes I did follow the video and wiki.

I started by securing MySQL which worked fine and did what it needed to do. Now I just ran into a issue with installing phpmyadmin.

I did do “su -” and went into the root
I follow by doing the “cd usr\games\minecraft\addons”
It told me the directory didn’t exist. I decided to use SFTP and found that the directory along with the “” doesn’t exist. Can anybody update and help me with this? Has something changed?

Yes, the problem unfortunately is that the addons bit is no longer included. I must’ve just missed the page to mark it as obsolete, but PhpMyAdmin hasn’t been available as a “MineOS add-on” for since 2012 or so.

Once MineOS started using a more mainstream distro (Debian), addons no longer were relevant–or worthwhile to maintain–because typically Debian/Ubuntu had much more current, comprehensive tutorials.

Keep in mind, PhpMyAdmin should be easily installed on whichever distro you’re using. If you’re using MineOS Turnkey, it’s Debian 8 (“Jessie”).

Debian 8 instructions
Debian 9 instructions

These aren’t my instructions, but they should work without issue.

Thank you for the response. I do find it sad that the script isn’t included anymore and the lack of info on google along with being new makes it difficult.

I’ll respond if I need any further help with this issue.