Need help with MineOS

Hi I have been using MineOS for just over a year on my home server and it has been great I host a server for me and a few friends I have my main forge server on there which i was been running for about a year with no problems and just recently me and my friends wanted to play Pixelmon so i made a server of that but then found out that the 1.8 pixelmon needed Java 8 to work so i found a guide and installed java 8 but it made my server run slow and it kept on “Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?” so we decided to ditch the Pixelmon server and just continue playing on the server we normally played on for the past year but then on the old server we was getting authentication server might be down (But we could still connect to other servers) so i thought maybe it was java 8 so i looked online to find a java 7 install guide then tried to reinstall it then i did java -version and it still said java 8 so i used a command “apt-get install oracle- java7-set default” now when i do java -version it shows as java 7 but when i got to start my old forge server now it does not seem to load/start it just get stuck on “[19:23:26] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting Minecraft server on (port)”

can any one help me get my server working again please :smiley:

also sorry for the long text wall