Need Help Accesing Command Line

Hey guys. I just updated to the new turnkey jessie version, and I wasn’t able to acces the Turnkey control panel. I read on another thread that im supposed to manually open the control panel bye using this command:

update-rc.d webmin disable
service webmin start

I would definetly use that command, if i knew how to get to the command line. Did the port change from 12320?

The command line is what you’d get to by just connecting to your computer with a keyboard and monitor. Alternatively, you can connect via a terminal client like PuTTy (or Terminal if you’re on a mac) on port 22.

Sorry i didn’t reply earlier. Thanks alot! i was able to access the command line from the mineos machine by pressing a key on the keyboard but i still haven’t figured out which one. I just randomly pressed it till it worked :3