My Server Just Won't Start Up

I try to start my server but the start button doesn’t work at all. I looked into other topics and tried those but I couldn’t find anything that could help also whenever I login to MineOS Web UI there are no profiles either I have to always update the UI

Edit: I use Ubuntu 21.04 btw

Regarding no profiles you need to wait for it to download. It shouldn’t take too long but it is dependant on your system and your internet connection.

To the server not starting, what profile type/version are you using?
can you get to /var/log and give us a copy of your mineos.log?

I am kinda new idk how to but I am running 1.12.2 forge I tried other version but none of them worked its as if the start button isn’t there

So I downgraded java from 12 to 8 now when i run 1.8.8 it works perfectly fine but 1.12.2 forge doesn’t work it sometimes starts for a few seconds but then shuts down