My server crashed and I lost a weeks worth of progress

My server crashed and my server reverted back to a version from a week ago. I didn’t make any backups and now I feel stupid. I know there is probably no hope but is there any way to recover any of the files.

reading this it sounds quite weird since I have never seen a server do such a big revert. In the future may I advise activating the safe all and to everyday run a CRON job to restart the server and backup.

“a crashed server that loses a weeks worth of progress”

is actually simply just

“a server whose content has not been saved for a week before crashing”.

MineOS doesn’t hold onto week-old chunks and overwrite the newer data when there’s a crash: from a realistic standpoint, we could look at the timestamps of the server world and determine exactly the last time Minecraft unloaded/saved that data.

The best way to prevent loss is regularly scheduled save-all and an every-now-and-then restart+backup.