My MineOS servers don't show up in iOS app or Windows10 version

Hey team,

I’m completely stumped. I have installed MineOS on a proxmox container. Setup a server and started it.

When I go to the minecraft game, I don’t have the ‘Multiplayer’ option all of the help articles seem to reference.

I have Play, Settings and Marketplace

When I go to ply, I have:

  • Worlds
  • Friends
  • Servers

The local MineOS server is not in any of these. I have broadcast to LaN enabled in the MineOS setup.

If I try and add the server manually though Servers/Additional Server - I type the name, local IP (that I can ping from command prompt) and the port it has been configured to. It can not find the server.

When I go to ‘Servers’ the server is not present. When I add an

Minecraft bedrock (all versions exluding the minecraft java version) is not compatible with the minecraft java servers (the ones running on default port 25565).

There is a server available that is compatible with the bedrock versions (Bedrock Server Download | Minecraft) but it is not compatible with MineOS, although it is possible to get it running alongside MineOS on the same machine. MineOS is not able to see or control that server.

There is also no guarantee that the bedrock server is available to your players, since this is also configured on a pr. client type basis as you often need to be able to input an IPadress to connect, something a lot of the bedrock clients do not allow.

Ok - that explains a lot!

How do I host a server for my kids both locally and interstate to join and use?

You can try the bedrcok server linked above. There is versions for most OS-platforms.
Or you can buy a mineracft bedrock server instance from Mojang (realms)
Or they would need to get the minecraft java version that can connect to the minecraft java servers