My Friends Cant Connect To My Mineos Server

I installed MineOS minecraft server operating system on virtual box and everything seems to be working. I’ve generated the maps and i can connect to them through, which is the server computer. I’ve also forwarded the port 25565 in my netgear router and Motorola modem . I go to and send my friends the ip so that they can connect and they can’t. I can also only access the maps through my local connection, not the external one. You guys are pretty much my last resort here any help is appreciated.

This part of your problem description is where the problem may lay.

“I’ve also forwarded the port 25565 in my netgear router and Motorola modem.”

It sounds like you may be trying to work through a double NAT here. One on your Motorola and one on the netgear.

The fact that you can access you Server locally is a good sign.

If you can turn off any Motorola FW Services so it is simply acting in Passthrough mode as a simple Modem (Bridge) and not a Router that might help. You can rely on your Netgear to be the Router and FW. If you cannot do that with your model Motorola things may get complex. You may need to put your Server IP into the DMZ, (De Militarized Zone).

Really though from what you are describing is potential FW at each of these points. The fewer redundant FWs you have will reduce you potential points of failure.

Potential Service Path You Mincraft Clients have to traverse to get to your Game:


  1. Motorola Router/Firewall
  2. Netgear Router/Firewall
  3. Your Host Server (your PC may have a FW) <-- probably isn’t the issue
  4. Your MineOS Server sitting as a Guest on your Host Server has a Linux FW <-- probably isn’t the issue.


Finally after traversing that Firewall gauntlet your remote users can get to the Minecraft Game.


This is right on the mark. Because of your successful local login, we can conclude that the issue exists beyond your hosting server altogether, and that the problem is between it and your clients. Two things to verify, if you can:

  1. is your Motorola modem merely a modem or a modem/router? The easiest way to tell is if there is a single Ethernet port on it…or multiple
  2. Try a port tester without worrying about your friends trying to connect. If the website reports it cannot connect to 25565 (it’ll say “open” or “closed”), then you cannot expect players’ clients to connect either. In which case, it is almost certainly port forwarding: let us know what your Router model is and we can help find you a guide on (free guides).

When you have your server running and the port tester says ‘open’ is the time you can tell your community to try and join–it’ll work at that point.

Let us know!


The modem has multiple Ethernet Ports. But do i port forward on that then or my netgear router. Also what ip do i port forward the turn key or my computers internal or the external ip.

Just wondering–if your modem also serves as a router, is there a need for the Netgear router at all? At the least, it is complicating port forwarding since it would require (in ideal circumstances) twice as many devices the data has to pass through.

Consider the page here on double-router forwarding. You’ll notice that there’s your external IP address, then your internal network IP…then another even more internal IP address…You likely want your server running on 192.x.x.x, rather than the 10.x.x.x, which is a side effect of double routers.

First things first:

  • Is there a reason you need the Netgear, given the modem is also a router?
  • If you do need the Netgear, is your modem set as a passthrough device?
  • If you are not familiar with setting your modem as a passthrough device, you likely want to simplify your configuration anyway–try it with just the modem/router and see if you make any additional progress.

The modem has multiple Ethernet Ports.

OK, so following Mike’s logic and suggestion that probably means it is a Router and Firewall. This also confirms that you are most likely Double NATing. There are few good reasons to do this intentionally.

I’d recommend eliminating one of your NATs.

If you trust the Motorola then make that your Firewall and place your Host and by extension your Server one layer closer to the Internet. Perhaps you can just decommission the Netgear. If you are unwilling or unable to do this then perhaps give up the Firewall functions on the Motorola. This means turn that service OFF and let the Netgear be your sole Firewall.

You can get things functioning through a Double NAT, but why do this to yourself intentionally?


What ip do i need to port forward is my problem.

I changed my modem/router into a pass through device

Have you established whether or not you need both devices?

I do need both but what ip do i need to port forward. Do i do my computer internal ip or the mineos ip.

Never Mind it works THANK YOU both for all the help.