My friends cant access my server

Hi all, i have given my friend the ip, but he cant join it. I have also given him my public ip. Fyi, if it helps, my router name is F@ST3864V2 and do i need to port forward on the computer, or does port fowarding on a computer apply to all devices over the network??

From a different network (not plugged into your router, or using your wifi) the public IP is the only IP he can use.

Yes, you will need to portforward each port he will be using, so presumably just 25565 for Minecraft.

but doing it on the modem apply for all the other cmoputers

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Does port forwarding on the modem apply for all computers

I encourage you to do some research on what port forwarding does–it’s a well-documented topic in general, and you can find much Minecraft-related tutorials on it, too.

Port forwarding sends traffic received on a given port (e.g., 25565) to one computer on your network. It doesn’t “apply for all computers”–it applies to the router/modem, and that is what you want: inbound traffic from 25565 to go to your Minecraft server at

Just a side note, each router handles port forwarding much in the same way as all others. How they get configured is widely different. Researching what it does will help you out for many other applications. Reading up on your router’s admin console will show you how you route needs to be configured.