Multiple machines and one ui?

I’m willing to get a small unit to host the web interface if required. Is there a way
I can tie 2+ physical machines into 1 webui I really like MineOS it’s very clean and easier than running from a basic linux terminal

Sorry if this is already a topic I don’t really know what to search for

The current versioin of MineOS is a one machine system only. One MineOS can, however, host several Minecraft servers, as long as the servers use different port numbers. If you want your users to not need to specify a port number, you can combine it with the SRV record type in DNS:

Ok I was wondering because I’m gonna have a couple machines, One is already running 2 servers but I want to expand with more servers and machines, it’s not that big of a deal installing it separately just in the idea of convenience I thought it might be a thing

One day, what you’re describing will be a reality.

The ruby version of MineOS aimed to do just this, but one day I’ll have the willpower to finish it up. Basically, it got put on hiatus because I couldn’t figure out a clean way to use Swift (because in the model you describe, you want profiles and downloads centralized, rather than needlessly copied).

MineOS is a server front-end to ease managing Minecraft administrative tasks. This iteration using Ruby is much more ambitious than previous models–Node & Python-- by heavily modularizing each of the components to make a much more distributed setup.

The primary components are the MineOS front-end, a central HQ for monitoring and logging, and worker nodes. Each are designed to run on separate machines (physical or logical) such as using linux containers or installing on bare metal.

One day…