Move the Entire MineOS Installation to another directory?

Alright, so basically I am owning and managing my own Dedicated Server hosted by Kimsufi. I installed the MineOS using the Kimsufi Control panel (The Operating System is Called Minecraft Gameserver), and it basically auto installs the MineOS. and it works 100%, been using it for about 3 months and no complaints.

But recently, i’ve discovered i’ve used more than 50% of my disc space, and the server I bought has 2TB of space, so I’m thinking hmmm, this can’t be right, so I ran the command ‘df -H’ in SSH, and it said that the MineOS was installed on the /home directory, which had a maximum space of 20GB, so in reality I am currently using 10-12GB of Disc Space.

Also after doing ‘df -H’ I saw that the /var directory had 1.9TB left in space. So I’m wondering how I can transfer the MineOS Control Panel and Server files over.

I was thinking of just cutting the entire MineOS install directory (/home/minecraft) and pasting it somewhere in /var. But I don’t know if that would work. Someone please help because I won’t have much disc space after too long.

Thanks in Advance!

  • Ajb

without knowing the particulars you could possibly copy your minecraft files to somewhere in var and then use a symbolic link to have the program access it.

The webui files take up something on the order of like 10 mb, so you won’t get much from relocating that, but the server files–the actual minecraft data certainly could.

Strangely, /var/games/minecraft already is the standard location for this directory, but moving it shouldn’t be hard.

There are numerous methods that could have been employed to move it to /home in the first place but the standard way is typically changing /etc/mineos.conf’s value for base_dir.

If it shows /home/…, then simply change it and ‘mv’ the files and you’re set. If it says /var/games/minecraft, then it probably means than they symlinked the directory and you can merely remove the symlink, then ‘mv’ the files.

One other way is bind mounting, but it’s typically a lot more work for no benefit to set up in the first place so I assume that’s not what they did.

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This is also another way to do it.

What do you mean a Symbolix link? How does one go about that?

I just went inside the mineos.conf (by the way it is in the /home/minecraft folder), and it says that the base_dir is “/var/games/minecraft” so I went there and the folder is actually a shortcut type thing towards “/home/minecraft” so should I just delete the shortcut, copy and paste over the minecraft folder into “/var/games” and that would be set, I think it would work like that.

Alright, so I just moved all the files from the /home/minecraft to /var/games (moved the minecraft folder to under the games folder) where the mineos.conf is pointing. But now when I enter the IP & port like always to go to the MineOS Control Panel, it doesn’t load. Do I need to reboot the Server?

EDIT: I rebooted the Server and it still doesn’t connect to the Webpage. Also I don’t see the (haven’t ever seen it but just noticed that i don’t see it)

Never mind, I got it working. I basically just followed the normal fresh install steps and got it full working. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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