Move Archives, backups to second HDD

I would like to have MineOS use a second HDD for the default location of the Backups and archives how would I do this?

Archives always end up in the same place /var/games/minecraft/archives/[servername].

It’s a normal directory, but the directory itself can be replaced with a symlink to a different directory elsewhere.

You’d want to:

a) relocate existing archives you want to keep
b) delete either [/var/games/minecraft/archives] or [/var/games/minecraft/archives/Survival].

Depending on which you delete, you’d c) recreate that path as a symlink to a directory elsewhere. The former means you’re moving ALL archives to exist on second HDD, the latter path is for just the Survival server to have its archives elsewhere.

MineOS will always write to the same path, symlinked or not, so no further changes required there.

that’s great you think I understand what symlink is, I googled it and not sure if the sites explained it correct. I either change a path to those directories in a file or add a file to redirect it to the new directory. I link to a better site on how to do if you know of one or a most of the command I would need to change /var/games/minecraft/archives to the second HDD.

This path is hard coded into MineOS, and therefore not configurable in MineOS. This is why you need to learn symlinking.

MineOS in it self runs on Turnkey, a linux type OS that is a stripped down Debian. To sucessful admin a MineOS server you really need to learn quite a bit of command line linux : This is essential. There is always stuff you need to do commandline to keep your system working well.

Here is a tut for symlinks: The key fact to know is that symlinks are like a superpowered shortcut that lets your files or directories to pretend to be somewhere else than their physical location.

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