Mount Point for USB Backups and Archives

I’d like to have the backups and archives go to a USB drive as they are created but I’m not sure as to the mount point I should use. I had it set up once a few months ago and I can’t remember how I did it.


Sorry, this fell under the cracks somehow.

As far as having backups and archives going elsewhere, you’d simply need to replace the physical directories for backups and archives with symlinks to any other mounted device.

So, /var/games/minecraft/archive (real directory) could instead be:

mv /var/games/minecraft/archive /var/games/minecraft/archive-old
ln -s /path/to/preferred/destination /var/games/minecraft/archive

(edit: updated typo, thanks @RaulC)


I’ve rarely used symlinks in my limited linux use.

Okay, so I’ll try to explain what I think I know thanks to nixCraft and the typo in Will’s example.

Symbolic links are used because they can cross file system boundaries (in my case going from /var… on one drive to /mnt… on a different drive.

mv /var/games/minecraft/archive /var/games/minecraft/archive-old

This is done because /var/games/minecraft/archive is going to be the symbolic link and isn’t supposed to exist prior to running the ln -s command. The mv function renames files as well as moves them.

ln -ls

This is Will’s typo. Acording to man ln there is no -l option, so it should be just -s, which designates it as a symbolic link, instead of -ls ( –symbolic could be used as well as -s).


This is where we want our stuff to actually go.


This is the symlink. Anything saved to this location gets sent to the directory we selected earlier.

sudo ln -s /mnt/Cruzer/minecraft/archive /var/games/minecraft/archive

This is my setup to get MineOS to place the archives on a Sandisk Cruzer USB drive.