Motherboard exchange

Hello, I got a new motherboard and do I need to reinstall mineos after that? I will keep the same HDD

Since the new motherboard wil require anew set of drivers, I am inclined to say most likely. It may work out fine, but I would take backup of all you rminecraft servers first.

The best way is to use he “archive” function, then copy out al the archive files (one pr. server) to another place. this way, if you end up reinstalling, getting your servers back is easier.

Thanks, I never uninstalled mineos. Do I need to just format the HDD?

Tae a backup first. Then try to just insert the HDD. Eiter it goes as you wish, and everything just autmagically works.Or the OS panicks and crashes on boot. If it does, then reinstall. You can format when you get to the partitioning partf the installation process.

Thanks! Hope it works.

No need to format your hard drive (bad idea) unless you are needing to refresh the OS. Always backup/archive before making any hardware changes. Upon booting to new motherboard, you may get prompts to adjust the bios. If running windows, you might have some updates to run/install. If on linux, test to see if things are working, you many not need to make any changes.

Changing a motherboard is not like “any hardware change”. It the same as taking out your main harddrive (containg your OS) and putting it into a new computer hoping it will boot up. It might, which is why I recommended “Take a backup, then try” above.

the last time I tried (that was a windows 10 machine) he enitre OS destabiliced and paniced. The amout of time i spent trying to stabilize it and get everything working soon passed the time I needed to reinstall everything. The MineOS isos are quite quick to reinstall, so with a good backup of the minecraft servers it is possible to be back online quite quickly after a reinstall.

Yes, I just didn’t want Max to format his drive and not have any way to recover. Even if you have to re-install the OS, you normally can mount the original drive and retrieve the data back. Windows 10 is much more stable now and even recovery the key has been resolved for the most part. Always like seeing your replies iMelsom, good information.

I’m a bit late to this party but I can share my experiences I’ve had the same hdd with mineos installed through my last 3 motherboards. First was an asrock that literally fried second was an Intel board that the cpu header died thanks to an electrical storm I’ve been running it on a dedicated phenom2 x4 board for about 2 yrs now. Never once have I had to reinstall or update anything other than the usual stuff I may have just been lucky but all I’ve ever done was move the hdd over to the new machine and everything ran same as it always has mineos and my apache webserver. Ive been fortunate that it’s always been Plug and play for me.

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