MOTD colour and formatting not displaying accurately for LAN worlds

First time user of MineOS,

After reading the forum and watching some videos - great content and assistance - successfully installed Turnkey a couple of days ago on VirtualBox. Have both Vanilla and Spigot servers up and running.

Because install and set up was painless wanted try out differentiating them via MOTD colours and formatting.

Noticed that MOTD is behaving inaccurately for LAN worlds - showing escaped MOTD codes vs. applying them.

Same here. I see the codes as the motd when minecraft lists the levels. Watching for an answer.

The ingame MOTD is a minecraft function, and not a MineOS function, so this looks like a Minecraft bug. It may be related to this :"MOTD"

IF the MOTD works correctly for WAN, but not LAN games, this seems strange. Do you mean the autodetected LAN-world list? Do the MOTD show up correctly if you add the server manually (with IP-address) using the “Add server” button?

If manually added servers show corerctly while the auto-detected servers show up wrong the bug seems to be in Minecrafts routine for scanning for and autodiscovering and displaying LAN worlds. In this case there is nothing MineOS can do about this.

If the server displays MOTD shows wrong for both, it is most likely the formatting bug from above. It may be that this could be programatically fixed in MineOS, but fixing Minecraft bugs is really outside MineOS’s scope.

Remember that MineOS is only a Web User Interface to manage Minecraft servers. Anything that is inside the game is a minecraft bug, and outside MineOS’s control.

Well, I’m pretty sure that with/when it comes to Minecraft, in terms of “autodetected” or “broadcasted” LAN world games/sessions/servers, MOTD formatting may not at all be what you expect them to be, as they’re not really meant to be for server names with tons of details and formatting or anything like that, their purpose is showing the name of the world save for a LAN game world or session, as well as the person/username (last I checked, I’m not entirely sure or positive of that and/or whether that’s changed in newer versions or not). So if manually adding the server works and shows up properly as expected then it is indeed Minecraft related in the way it handles LAN broadcasts vs added servers.