Mojang 1.14 Profile not listed

Hi All,

Hoping I can get some advice. I know that Version 1.14 is now available, my Windows Client has downloaded that version.
I have a MineOS Turnkey (have had working for some years). For the previous 1.13 versions I needed to update Java before the worlds would work, but they are still working today.

My problem is that when I look at available Mojang profiles to download 1.14 is not listed!
The last Official Mojang Jar in my list is 1.13.2. See image below:

Is there some configuration change required before I can see the 1.14 download?


Have you tried to use the “Update profile list” choice in the user menu in the top corner?

Have you tried restarting the webui?
(See bottom of page)

Have you tried updating the WebUI?

Perfect the Update Profile List did the trick!