Mods not being recognized by server

I created a new server, installed mojang1.18.2, accepted EULA, started server, stopped server, installed forge 1.18.2-latest, ran installer, made mods directory in server, uploaded terrablender and biomes o’ plenty from client, and started server. Switched to creative mode, put a modded block into my inventory, placed the block, and it immediately disappeared.

This is everything i did from start to finish. Can someone tell me where i went wrong so i can get my server up and running?

Spawn protection?
If it’s in your inventory it should work.
Move away about 30 blocks and see if it still happens.

No dice. Moved at least 100 blocks but same problem.

It really doesn’t sound like a MineOS specific issue.
It could be lag related, if you have a lot of mods the server may take longer to start and load everything, even once the server is technically up.
If you’re looking at the MineOS dashboard check if your server is running at a high load.

Is the game in adventure mode? Do the mods have a certain game play that might be preventing that?
If you transfer the server to your home pc can you run it and place blocks?