Mods and plugins server

Is it possible to set up a modded server with plugins. Some quick Google searching and I couldn’t find much. So does anyone know how to set up a modded server with plugins (bukkit, spigot, paper spigot, forge, or what)?

MineOS supports Spigot/Bukkit servers, and more heavily modified servers like the “Feed the Beast” mod pack servers.

As for how:

  • build the server jar, this is done by pressing hte apropriate buttons in MineOS (the button marked "Spigot / Craftbukkit.

  • After getting the server jar compiled you create a server the normal way

  • ask MineOS (Again under the “Spigot / Craftbukkit menu”) to copy the server jar to the apropriate server folder.

  • Start the server to generate all the nescecary files

  • stop the server, and make any changes you need in the configurations.

  • Download the plugins you wish to use, and place them in the “plugin” folder in the server folder (for the server you just created).

  • Start the server again for the plugins to generate their files.

  • Stop the server again to configure any settings in the plugins.

  • Start the server, and your’e done


  • download the FTB server in the profiles list
  • Create server
  • Set your chosen FTB server as profile in your new server.
  • press button “copy server files”
  • Set your FTB server jar as runnable file in your new server
  • start server.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I know how to create a spigot or a ftb server, but is there a way to get a bukkit server with mods or a ftb server with plugins like factions?

Bukkit do not come prepackaged wiht plugins, you have to download each plugin you wish to use yourself from here:

FTB comes in prepacked modpacks. The mods available comes from that package.

In other words: MineOS do not in itself give access to plugins or mods for minecraft servers. MineOS supports the servers themselves, and you, as admin, have to add and activate the plugins you want in the minecraftservers yourself.

You haven’t answered my question. I have a custom modpack that I already uploaded to a server and it works perfectly fine. I also have a separate spigot server that I added plugins to. But my question is whether or not its possible to have a modded server and then install plugins like factions and iconomy. Once again I must repeate I have already set up a modded server with mods I downloaded myself. I want to know how to have plugins on a modded server. Can i just put plugins in the mods folder or is it not possible. Please answer this question, thanks.

FTB do not support bukkit/spigot plugins, and bukkit/spigot do not support FTB mods. They are two different methods of adding functionaility.

Bukkit spigot works by adding a plugin API to a vanilla server, so that you may add whatever plugins you wish.

FTB mods work by modifying the server directly, and not going through a plugin API.

See also:

What he’s asking for is KCauldron (the updated fork of Cauldron, which works great), or the fork of KCauldron that goes by the name of Thermos.

You can try out KCauldron just to get a feel of how mods and plugins will work on the same server, but if anything I’d say to go with Thermos, as it provides better performance (more code optimizations) and they’re trying to bring mods closer to plugins…apparently mods can bypass areas protected by plugins, but on my server I still haven’t seen that happen, but Thermos is supposed to also fix that issue.

Hello. How am i EXACTLY supposed to move the .jar plugin files into the servers direcory.

First off: This thread is three years old, so any informationou found here may beout of date. It is seen as good forum etiquette to start a new thread rater than resurecting a very old one.

The processofmovingfilesto your server has been explained several times in several posts, and is extensively explained in the wiki: