Modifying to remove the disk usage check

Hi i’m back with more questions about the MineOs WebUi. I run this on my small devices. Specs

Raspberry Pi- 1ghz ARM 512ram.
Cubox-i4pro- Quad-core 1Ghz ARM 2GB Ram.

Anyways i’m running a nice server on my Cubox and everything works great with the UI and the server. However I run into a huge delay when I open the WebUI > server status.

I have tracked it down to python using up 100% cpu to adding up the disk usage.

So what i would like to do is # out that section in the python script so that it doesn’t look at it.
I understand that this isn’t something most users will do but for small device users like me this is a minor issue for the use of a great WebUI like MineOs. I hope you can guide me into where I can find this info. Thank You

OK Update!!

After digging around in the /usr/games/minecraft/ for a bit I found that calls to for info.

So i tinkered around in mounts for a bit and discovered that if i just # out the check for disk usage everything is much faster (2 minutes to instant)

This is the line i changed. Line 135

from procfs_reader import disk_usage


#from procfs_reader import disk_usage

I’ll use it for a bit but so far i see no adverse effects. Again this is only because i’m on low end hardware so anything to speed it up and maintain the nice WebUi.

Thanks guys and feedback on if this will break anything would be nice.