Modded server with plugins?

Is there an easy way to set up a modded server with plugins in MineOS? I would do it with spigot, but I would have to set it up on my windows pc and test it, then it would have to run off a shell file in MineOS, which can only start servers off jars

You can have a modded server (FTB/Forge-style servers) OR a server that supports plugins (bukkit style servers). You cannot mix the two, as they are written different.

You choose your style of server in the profiles.

So there’s no way to run mods and plugins together. How do the big servers do it?

I think the biggest ones make their own server software.

Are you asking if MineOS has a means to accommodate setting up a server with plugins?

In my experience with the Minecraft community at large, they use modding and plugins very interchangeably. Or are you asking a much more specific question that @iMelsom addressed by distinguishing between the two?

Basically, I’m asking for this clarification because your other line:

This makes it seem like you simply want a means to ease the creation of a modded/plugin server, not necessarily mixing functionalities between Forge and Spigot.

If my understanding of your question is correct, then this would still be the way you go about it. Create the server on Windows–using the drag and drop interface you’re familiar with…but ultimately you still end up with a Java-based jar, which runs on both Windows and Linux (and thus MineOS).

So to answer the question you may or may not have been asking:

MineOS does not provide any simplified interface for modding OR adding plugins to servers. Many people can still do it, all the same, by starting with the base server software, and then using a utility like Filezilla, adding the files to the server’s live directory (as seen in the webui).

Then it’s as easy as starting the server and letting the server software detect and load the available mods.

A shell script typically will just invoke the Jarfile. Pretty much any single “start minecraft” command that can exist in a shell script can be replicated in the webui of MineOS, and thus you may be mistakenly believing that a shell script is a hindrance to you getting spigot working–but it’s not.

TL;DR MineOS provides a means for you to easily start and stop a server, as well as a convenient way to inject plugins/mods. All the heavy lifting of plugin-compatibility and version-control is still left up to the user, though.

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To clarify: Can I start a server in MineOS from a shell file? This is because I need to start multiple jars at once, which MineOS can’t do

Never mind I didn’t read the end of your reply

Can you provide any links/examples of where you need to run more than one Jarfile?

I know many people who have set up normal servers, then added support jarfiles (like bungeecord) to have them run in unison. However, do you need to run more than one jar? Or do those jars just get opened by the main server jar?