Missing Server Folder?

So I have the Mine Os Files running on a Nuc and I access the Nuc with a Virtual Environment which is where I launch the software. The problem I am having is that I am using A program to access my Nuc and its files and in the program I cant seem to find a servers folder I get to /usr/games/minecraft but cant find a /servers which is stopping me from accessing plugins. I can provide more information if needed although I dont know what is needed so just let me know.

/usr/games/minecraft contains the service files, that is, the files that run the webui, HTML, javascript, etc.

/var/games/minecraft contains the Minecraft files, which includes /servers, the backups, archives, and profiles.

Alright im in my server and there is still no plugin folder, is that something I have to add? And as soon as I drop the plugins in so folder, will they automatically run when I start the server?

That depends, are you currently using a Minecraft server that supports plugins?

Im using plain old minecraft 1.11

Plain “vanilla” minecraft doesn’t support plugins.

Could you list the server versions that do support plugins, Im looking for an easy one to run a test server before I start a full fledged one

Literally, almost every single non-vanilla Minecraft server supports plugins, e.g., Bukkit, Forge, Spigot.

Vanilla is the only one that doesn’t because it is precisely that: only base functionality.

Ok and Now of course I have another problem so I am running a FTB server on LAN and it says that the connection is forcibly closed by the remote host, I dont have it set on an IP only the port 25565 and most of the information is at default setting

For separate issues, open separate posts. Visitors of this support group with expertise on FTB and the like might not think to open a thread called “Missing Server Folder?” You definitely want as many helpful eyes as you can get on a problem.