MineOS won't start on Ubuntu Server 23.10

Hi, I keep getting this error when trying to start MineOS.

nodejs is on -v 14.21.3 but when I do npm install, the error says im on node -v 18.13.0. I’ve tried npm uninstall 18 but i get a response saying “N/A version is not installed…”

Thanks in advance!

Try to use “npm install --unsafe-perm” in stead for just " “npm install

The problem is that MineOS Node has lived for a while, and still has some deep coded dependencies that use older node-modules that npm wants to install newer versions of. This means unfortunately that it for the most parts skip those modules. With the --unsafe-perm we force npm to install those anyway.

MineOS Ruby is in development as the next gen MineOS, but as this is a project by @hexparrot, done on spare time, this is a slow process.