MineOS won't function correctly after first reboot


It seems that I have to reinstall MineOS to get it to work at all, every time I reboot my server.

I have installed the MineOS Plugin on my Freenas server, and upon reboot, my created minecraft world does not appear on the Dashboard screen. Host data is blank. In the top right of the screen reads webui version: undefined

The manage profile tab displays a message: You do not have rights on /profiles/profile.config, so you may prototype a profile but not update it.

New servers created do not appear on the Dashboard screen.

So whats going on here then?

What user are you logging into the webui with?

Have you updated the web-ui with git since installing it?

I actually don’t have that much familiarity with the MineOS plugin for freenas since I didn’t create it, but the behaviors you’re describing seem to point in directions that can probably be solved without a reinstallation.

UPDATE After spending a bit of time on this, I backed up my server configs and killed my jail and plugin. I reinstalled version 9.3.4 (because it wouldn’t upgrade from 9.3.2) and now there is this curious note on the plugin:

For MineOS to work upon (re)boot, add the Post Init command below…
mount -t linprocfs linprocfs /mnt/tank/jails_2/mineos_1/usr/compat/linux/proc

So, that would match up with the error I’m seeing and would also match up with when the symptoms happen. This is to be added to the freenas init script section.


I also have this exact same issue using the MineOS FreeNAS plugin. I’m logging in using a preconfigured user called “mcserver” (not root). The UI is essentially unusable. All of the errors shown above are the same.

Edited You can update by running “service mineos update”. This didn’t fix my problem. Also, mcserver was unable to run it, but root was.

In addition, if you try to create a new server, the “group access” dropdown is blank and has no values.

Finally, in the shell running a “service mineos restart” I get the error:

global name ‘_procfs’ is not defined

I’m not very much help here, but just wanted to give the OP confirmation that he/she is not alone.

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what version of freenas are you on? mineos only works on or greater.

did you add the init command? that is what mineos linprocfs to the jail. on the freenas versions I mentioned this also happens whenever you start the plugin from the Plugins > Installed tab.