MineOS Won't Boot

Sorry if this has already been answered I did do several googles, but everytime I install Turnkey it says there is no /boot and so I go yes, because saying no exits to a navigation promt, but then it won’t boot? Any help?


Unfortunately, I don’t think we have enough information to troubleshoot this with what we have.

  1. can you provide the full, verbose error? (more than “says there is no /boot”)
  2. If the turnkey installation isn’t working for you, you can always try installing MineOS (the scripts that provide the interface) atop a different installation, such as Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

This way, you have the benefit of a distro you may already be more familiar with (even though my ISO is just Debian + my files included).

I understand installing atop of another install, will do that if this doesn’t work. Basically the computer says no OS found.

The issue might be either from grub not knowing where to boot from, or the partition that contains /boot was not set as active.

Quite possibly you’ve selected a partition to have Grub be installed to, rather than the drive; that’s my best guess, and from experience that has never worked. You ideally want to select drives and not partitions (typically just leaving it at the defaults if/when asked rather than changing it) and it should just work.

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