MineOS, with waterfall/geyser/paperMC

I got turnkey installed with no issue. Was even able to spin up a few servers, after I got java updated to 18…
I’m not wanting to actually put together a waterfall proxy and servers with this…

Actual error I’m seeing(when connecting from bedrock) is: disconnected from the Java server because of Could not connect to a default or fallback server. Incorrectly configured address/port/firewall?

Running MineOS Turnkey (gitcommit b6e0d1e)
For now just trying to get this running internally and I’m not worried with security. I will deal with securing things after I get the system working.

Trying to setup a waterfall, and for now with 1 server. But is my issue that I actually need my waterfall server, THEN a paper server that is my lobby, AND a paper server to be my survival?

Server 1 = waterfall 1.18-843 (I thought this would be lobby too)
- Set “this is not a conventional minecraft server”
- Installed Geyser/Floodgate plugins.
- configured floodgate to authenticate in geyser’s config
- config.yml config.yml - waterfall - Pastebin.com

Server 2 = Paper-1.18.2-290 (Call this survival)
- did NOT install any plug ins.
- Set to offline mode
- server.properties - Survival - server.properties - Pastebin.com