MineOS WebUI behind NGINX Reverse proxy with a subpath

I’m new to MineOS, but tried it for a while and it’s perfect.
I have an Nginx web server, with all my services on a subpath ([domain.com]/jellyfin ; [domain.com]/radarr…) I’m looking to add mine os to all those services.

But for that, I would require to add a subpath to MineOS. In general, this is in the app settings (jellyfin and radarr have this option for example). I didn’t find any option for that in MineOS. Could it be something hidden in a text config file ? Could someone help me to find it ?

Also, I would require some help for Nginx configuration. My Nginx is already set up, what I would need would be an Nginx config file for MineOS (with location blocks). Could someone help me to build it /find it ?

Thanks in advance for any answer,
Have a great day