Mineos web user interface lags so hard it's unusuable

self explanatory, i’ve stopped the server earlier today to update mods and when i went to restart it the fucking piece of shit forgot what jar file to use and it’s been lagging so badly (this has been the case for 6+ months to a year at the LEAST) i still can’t get the jar file for it to use selected at least FOUR GOD DAMN HOURS LATER.

so yeah, what the fuck?
it’s definitely not my internet that’s the issue.

this has always been incredibly tedious with mineos, any use of the web ui at all is a complete and total ball ache firstly because of the lag like this which is usual but especially bad today and secondly because of the rate limit for the console output being set so stupidly low it’s completely useless these days.

seriously, how the hell do i completely disable the console spam limit? there is NEVER a valid excuse for why i should have to refresh to be able to read the god damned console.

mineos and all related software/etc is definitely up to date as well ran the update scrips for the web ui on the wiki yesterday to be sure.

it’s been at least 45 minutes since i told the web ui to download the latest forge version as well and it supposedly downloaded it and all that yet it can’t fucking figure out the god damn file exists and was downloaded on the jar file selection page.

seriously, if i ever permanently give up on minecraft servers YOUR web ui problems will be the reason why, i really cannot be bothered to spend a fucking hour waiting for a god damned file to be recognized of all the things and that’s always the way it is, i go so far out of my way to avoid ever touching the web ui because of how poorly it works it’s ridiculous.

additionally 9 times out of 10 even if you do manage to magically be able to see the list of jar files selecting one only fucks everything up and the list disappears instantly if you should be audacious enough to try such a foolish thing.

fun… wait no… !FUN!, that’s the one.


need a solution to this, it’s already wasted the vast majority of my day.

trying to get the return of the commands listed at the bottom here :
as that is beyond all shadow of a doubt the issue and has been needing to be fixed for at least six months to several years (has been a severe issue as long as i’ve used mineos) but whoever wrote that article copied the commands incorrectly i inputted:
root@core ~# cd /usr/games/minecraft/
returns command not found, trimming the wrong command to “cd/usr/games/minecraft” appears to be what the writer should have written here and the output is the directory changes to the correct one as expected.

as well as the secondary command:
root@core games/minecraft# ./mineos_console.py -d /var/games/minecraft ping_debug
which i am nowhere near lucky/skilled enough in deciphering gibberish to be able to produce any worthwhile output besides command not found, i tried to run it instead as

“./mineos_console.py -d /var/games/minecraft ping_debug”
which returned no such file or directory.
as well as
“/mineos_console.py -d /var/games/minecraft ping_debug” which returns no such file or directory as well, no luck figuring out what the person should have written in place of what is actually listed on the wiki yet though.

i’m so fucking sick of this buggy lagging piece of shit, it literally takes 5 god damned minutes for the uptime counter to catch up to reality it lags so badly, then the only way the server will shut down at all is by killing it or the power button which causes the stupid piece of dog shit to want the jar file selected again for no god damned reason.

before anyone gets a stupid idea like it’s my internet, you couldn’t be more wrong.

there really needs to be a way to lock those profile settings so they never get forgotten like this…

I’m using git commit: fd17bbc
Running on a Virtualbox virtual machine on a windows 2012 R2 server at my home.

I can report no lag and a WebUI that responds smooth.

I do however not run any modded server (neither bukkit nor FTB). I know heavily modded minecraft servers tend to lag things down, and produce a huge amount of log

Now, after your complete lack of repsect above, and in other threads, I’m not heavily tempted to help out more than to say “It works, but modded servers bog it down. Try turning all modded servers off and run only a vanilla server to see if the webUI speeds up for you”.

You must remember that those of us helping here do so volutarily, for free on our spare time, on a piece of software you downloaded for free, from someone developing it for free. Bumping an demanding a solution after 5 hours, then berating and badmouthing in several other threads severly hinders our interest in helping.

fix it then.

here is twenty characters…

i’ve been tolerating how poorly this trash software works for months on end, time to pay the piper, fix your fucking software.

Pay the piper, you say? What money have you given in exchange for MineOS, might I ask?

MineOS can lag at times. I don’t run modded servers, but I’ve noticed performing server dashboard actions - start/stop, backup, etc. - can be quite delayed if your server has a lot of restore points or backup archives. If you’ve got a lot (50+), maybe try removing some of them.

Also, just a tip, maybe lay off the swearing a little. It makes you sound 12 years old.

there’s no excuse for it to ever lag so hard it takes six fucking hours to select the forge jar file. don’t be a retard.