MineOS Turnkey unable to su to root

I am trying to log in as root to update iptables. I have logged in as the mc user via putty (also though proxmox console). I try to sudo but sudo isn’t installed. I su and I get prompted for a password but the password doesn’t work. I am using the same password as I entered for the mc user. I don’t recall being prompted for a root password. I am using MineOS Turnkey. Is there a default password?

You are asked for a root passwd at install. If you have lost you root password these instructions may help you:
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword (link lifted from https://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20090504/webmin-access-denied)

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Knowing it was one I picked I went back and tried again. Was able to log in. I think maybe I was locked out due to retries? Anyway, thanks again!

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I’m trying to get access to what i think I need. Root. I am trying to upgrade to java 17 but I keep getting permission denied errors. I’m trying to login as root but don’t have a password and can’t get access.
I have followed a few of the link solutions to reset root without success.
Any suggestions?