MineOS Turnkey MultCore

I am having a little bit of a problem with the OS rather then Minecraft, the problem is I have got

AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor (1400 MHz) , 8 cores but you can see the 1400 is wrong this is only for low power state systems but this PC is a power house with a nice 780 PSU and 32 gig of ram, tho the PC is also leaving some ram for the on board GFX what I not happy about I need to tweak the biso there.

But my question is, is there away to get it to read the cores are the normal power state.

Also on the Minecraft side of things I ran the demo of this OS in a Vbox and was it bloody great but the problem is now I been getting

[Server thread/WARN]: Time ran backwards! Did the system time change?
This was on the new dedicated hardware I not getting missing ticks

System as you can see is a dedicated MC unit AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor @ 4.00GHz

32 Gig of ram 4 banks of 8 gig sticks. and a 240 SSD Sata 2 Drive.

I also seen some movement lag since to change to the new set up, I might even go back to windows and Vbox it again since it was more stable for some strange reason.

Also is there a reason that MC SFTP account is not able to upload back ups back to the back up folder in the games/minecraft section, I am able to download the backup but not upload it, I had to zip it and put it then import it in.

I don’t maintain the Turnkey distro (Turnkey Linux does), but I see no reason why it wouldn’t see all your cores at exactly the speed they’re meant to run at. Turnkey Linux most certainly has multicore support and has no settings (that I know of) that would ever deliberately down-perform your hardware.

That said, if you find that the Operating System is what is causing confusion and that maybe even your performance is suffering from this, you should consider installing any other operating system/distro and seeing that they recognize your hardware.

MineOS may be distributed for ease under the MineOS Turnkey ISO, but it works on every variant of Linux and BSD. You can find instructions for installing MineOS on any of these distros in the wiki.

Put another way, if something in Turnkey doesn’t mesh well with your powerhouse hardware, it’ll probably be a better use of your time to use a different, more widely-supported distribution than to fix Turnkey.

I have selected this as it was click, click and done, lol I am no good with command line based OS’s and I don’t see the point in the desktop versions of linux as they also offer crap like windows lol, also sadly the installing apps in Linux like yours is command line based, I was thinking installing windows as a main OS and then Vboxing it again, but thing is I have not seen any problems with it only using the CPU at a low power option its just strange its runing it at 1.4 when this is a 4 g per core, it deff using the lower spec for it.

The unit is up and stable thanks to your OS, it is not n00b friendly as much as I would like it as I would love to see a basic updater option and things like that but I guess it was never designed for lazy people or people like me that just get lost in command line, I just really can’t mix with it.

I will keep researching better ways but your platform offers me a good system at the moment.

What about the permissions of the back up folder was that something over looked? I can download from it just not upload to it.

Also how do I use the cron I want to set a server say message or server command I think its called in yours to say something every so soften you link to a page that tells me how to right them by hand not how to use your software, thanks.

MineOS respects the model of normal Linux permissions. Consider the MineOS file structure:

/var/games/minecraft (owned by root)
/var/games/minecraft/servers (owned by root)
/var/games/minecraft/servers/myserver (owned by mc:mc)
/var/games/minecraft/servers/myserver/* (owned by mc:mc)
/var/games/minecraft/backup (owned by root)
/var/games/minecraft/backup/myserver (owned by mc:mc)
/var/games/minecraft/backup/myserver/* (owned by mc:mc)

So if you’re root, you can touch all these files. If you’re mc:mc, you can navigate all these directories–and copy their contents–but not edit or delete them. Within the specific server’s directories themselves, mc can edit, delete, create files.

This mimics how /home works. User will can’t delete /home/will–even though I’m the owner of it. That’s because creating or deleting directories in /home (such as /home/will) is actually modifying /home, which I don’t own.

So putting it all together, take a look at the ownership of /var/games/minecraft/backup/myserver/ (replace myserver with your servers name, of course) and if you log in with that user name, you should most certainly be able to edit the files within.

Does root have access as a user in the MineOS as well as mc? or will I only be able to connect to SSH as root?, I am not sure if this is a bug with Minecraft but it seems that MC is not releasing the ram once it as started to eat it up, even when the world world is empty and chunks are not loaded, is there a js command to include to help it do this or is it just one of them things?

I use
-server -d64 -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalPacing -XX:ParallelGCThreads=8 -XX:+AggressiveOpts

is there any of these commands I can drop, since I started to use these commands it started to be so much stable at the moment I am also using up to 6 did of ram But soon as the server hits 28 gig or ram left it become a wee bit unstable and even at times getting

[WARNING] Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?

What I am not happy about I know my hardware is not at fault so I am missing something somewhere, I am running Vanilla since Spigot brakes some 1.8 commands badly.

What would be your idea setting for MC and MineOS ? Also is there a way to update this very easy ? please remember I bad at command line lol.

Do you know what these flags do?

I don’t really understand them I lost the post that I used to understand them, sorry I do know it became much more stable using these, but I have forget what they mean, every time I see them been used else where they say use servers right but then don’t explaining it much for the much more simple,

I know that -server should be more optimized for this kind thing, the rest without founding the post I have gone a little blond :smile:

From what I can tell in the code/command most are to do with the Ggarbage collection,
-XX:+CMSIncrementalPacing and -XX:+AggressiveOpts I have to admit I don’t know without research again.

I have closed my test server and the ram is not been released is this a problem with Java? the OS? or the control panel? or is there a command I can run to clean this up so I have that ram released ?