MineOS turnkey keeps crashing

Running MineOS turnkey as a vm with 6 cores and 16gb of ram and 40gb of storage. Keeps crashing after a few minutes of playing. Even when I am looking at the files with no one on the server it crashes. The common way it crashes is a spike in cpu utilization and then a message saying remote host terminated the connection. MineOS as a whole then freezes. Running only Skyfactory 4 (v. 4.2.2) with 6GB ram allocated

Are you using any mods that generate tens of thousands or more files, e.g., dynmap, etc?

Also have you updated your webui?

After checking the above post, make sure you don’t have XMS set. Often not, this could cause the crash.

I might have temporary solved it by giving it more storage space. Went from 48GB to 70GB