MineOS Turnkey ISO download link on webpage expired [again]

I know it happened once before because I was reading posts from last year, around the same dates, and something similar had happened because Syncplicity disables accounts without activity. About a month ago, I was able to try MineOS Turnkey without any issues and I love it, but due to fate, my personal computer died, and I had to transform the machine where I was running MineOS Turnkey into my new daily use computer. Now that I can make it work completely independently again, I want to install MineOS Turnkey, but the link has expired. Is there a possibility to re-upload the ISO again? I’m concerned about this because this OS is the only one that is so complete, easy to configure, and can achieve good performance on the machine I have.


I want it to any chance we can get it uploaded


Please could you upload it again ?

Many Thanks

Had a copy from last year, i think its the latest version. Maybe the iso needs to go somewhere else like mediafire or megaupload or something because it won’t timeout on those hosts.


I will make a copy on my personal GDrive too, in case the developer does not re-upload the iso to some other platform. Thank you very much for sharing it
I appreciate it so much :slight_smile:

its the latest one i think i meant. Whichiwill be earlier in this year typo b4.

this is the latest archive for the download link, the file size is smaller on the archived version so i am not sure which version it is but its somewhat recent. The download link does not work i did try download it.

You should be able to click commit on the webgui and you should be able to see how old it is.

actually i think that will be redundant because you get the latest when you run the commands. idk been a while i forget some stuff and i don’t have a mineos server atm