MineOs Turnkey Default IP Table

I made a mistake and I need a quick hand here, folks. I’ve been poking around the IP tables trying to get a DynMap pluggin working, and I seem to have wiped the IP Tables entirely (at the time I thought I was restoring them to their “out of the box” state, rather than a complete clean slate. The problem is that I dont have a record of what the initial rules were, so I cant rebuild them myself. Ive looked around and the wiki lists a procedure, but it doesnt list all the rules that I do remember being there (for example there is no mention of Port 12321 for the Webmin, or port 12320 for the Shell-in-a-Box) and also there were maybe two(?) rules I vaguely recall being there that were not TCP.

Can anyone point me to a full list of the firewall rules that would have been there before I started messing around with it?

Here, on the wiki, is where you’d find the default IPtables and directions. As you said, there may or may not be some you don’t remember being there, and that’s because some of them are for the older version of MineOS (the python version).

EDIT: The ones listed on the wiki page are the default ports, with the exception of Webmin and Shell-In-A-Box which appear to be missing from the wiki page currently (but you can always add them back using the procedure shown on the wiki).

Ok, Good. I’d looked at the wiki, but with the WebAdmin and Shell-In-A Box missing, I just wanted to make sure there wasnt anything else crucial that I would be leaving out. Im currently several states away from the physical machine running my server, so if I managed to screw it up too much more I’d be SOL for repairing it for a few weeks at least.