MineOS Submit Cronjob button in scheduling tab not working

Hello, I am currently trying to set up a daily cronjob to make a restore point of my server. I go into the scheduling tab and fill out the forms as follows. Cron Expression (0 * /3-5 * * *) and Command to run is Create a new restore point. I then go to click on the submit cronjob button under actions and nothing happens. I have refreshed the page, rebooted all of mineOS, and have looked at the shell and found nothing with the command “crontab -u root -e”. If it helps MineOS is running in a Truenas Core server currently.

Hey, I have the same issue trying to set up a Cron job for every day to save the server.

Did you ever find a fix for this or a manual way to see if the Cron job works?

There doesn’t seem to be any output when you click “Submit Change” at all, nothing in the schedule to show it’s set and also looking at the Shell for MineOS it shows there are no Cron jobs active.

There is a cron.cfg in the server folder check in that to see if the cron was added.
Example cron.cfg

 source=30	*	*	*	*
 msg=say 30 minute